ssni 209 高清在线观看 完整视频大全,3D肉蒲团国语有字幕版无删减 第975免费高清在线观看




ssni 209 高清在线观看 完整视频大全,3D肉蒲团国语有字幕版无删减 第975免费高清在线观看

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  • YXK-2000G
    YXK-2000G infant incubator is designed with advanced thermoregulation system for neonate intensive care unit. Ultrasonic humidifier supplies low temperature and comfortable air flow inside of incubator. 40%~80% humidity adjustable range provides the suitable incubation environment for the patients. The double wall chamber design prevents the heating and humidity loss.
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  • YXK-2000GA
    The YXK-2000GA also is an intuitive temperature display with advanced thermoregulation system for caregivers, also monitored the accurate humidity by 40%-80% RH inside of incubators.
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  • YXK-5GB
    We designed an environmental condition suitable for neonate patient by advanced thermoregulation system, and ability to control heat and noise and so on , provides comfortable, easy to use for caregivers.
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  • YXK-6G
    Our vision is to sustain an advanced thermoregulation system for neonate patient by our extensive clinical experience. The YXK-6G is our basic model but compact design incubator keeps the fragile neonate in a stable environment for the best care.
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  • 8502H
    As our top one infant incubator is not a simple connection of incubator and phototherapy unit. The sophisticated integration enable that newborn with hyperbilirubinemia could receive all around blue-ray phototherapy within an appropriate, sheltered and reliable environment. Every details including distance between phototherapy units and patient, illumination int
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  • 8502D
    Our medical use Baby incubator for jaundice Model 8502D keeps the neonate patients in stable environment and offers best jaundice therapy in neonatal intensive care unit. The design of phototherapy incubator gives the fragile patients the best comfortable environment. Guarantee an easy and friendly way for doctors and nurses.
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  • 8502S
    The 8502S mode is the basic one of 8502 series with the function of infant incubator and phototherapy treatment for neonate patients with jaundice. In addition, the unit can show the accurate parameters, air temperature, skin temperature and multi alarms with three levels.
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  • FXQ4A
    As a versatile open care system offering solutions you can depend on, the FXQ4A baby warmer makes your job easier while it keeping your procedures comfortable. This therapy platform allows you to rapidly response to your high-risk patient since it integrated everything you need for thermoregulation and respiratory support during resuscitation therapy. In additio
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  • FXQ4B
    The FXQ4B unit is our middle design of infant radiant warmer with a unique thermal environment for premature and full-term neonates. Moreover, the resuscitation accessories can be optional by the unit in emergency conditions.
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  • FXQ4
    Our FXQ4 unit offers the best care with the optimal thermoregulation for newborn patients when they are in emergency or therapy jaundice in open care system.
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  • FXQ3
    Our ability to provide the best care for baby patients, and reduce the pressure in emergency conditions or in NICU.
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  • GLQ-1L
    The newborn patients with hyperbilirubinemia all need best care for threating jaundice. Our line of phototherapy products supply you the reliability and stability intensive phototherapy by LED light for your baby patient. The unit has a long-life that provides 20,000 to 0,000 hours of light therapy.
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  • Percutaneous Jaundice Meter
    Percutaneous Jaundice Meter
    Jaundice is one of the most common symptoms in the neonatal period. Clinical reports show that 20% to 30% of newborns may have visible jaundice. And early neonatal pathological jaundice is prone to bilirubin encephalopathy, so it is important to screen for early pathological jaundice.
    The percutaneous jaundice tester produced by our company applies optical f
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  • FXQ4H
    FXQ4H is the most advanced infant radiant warmer in the Heal Force warmer family, providing a nurturing, life-sustaining environment. Equipped with phototherapy units on top and underneath the bed, the baby can get better treatment from it. Low pressure suction and resuscitation units are also available for this model.
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  • GLQ-3L
    This model has 4 sucker legs in order to be fixed on an incubator.
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  • YXK-6G (Vet)
    YXK-6G (Vet)
    Our vision is to sustain an advanced thermoregulation system for newborn animals by our extensive technologies. The YXK-6G(Vet) is our basic model but compact design incubator keeps the fragile cub in a stable environment for the best care.
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